Basic Conference Call Etiquette

For most large corporations, a group of employees taking part in a conference call with coworkers located in a different building, city, state or country is no big deal. With years of experience when it comes to business communication solutions, the majority of staff in most big businesses feel positive and confident about hosting a conference call with others. However, for small business owners and new employees starting out at a large company, conference calls can be a somewhat daunting concept, especially if you have been asked to lead the discussion. It’s even more stressful if you have to deal with several callers across multiple time zones.

However, the communication experts at Affordable Messaging are here to help! When it comes to basic conference call etiquette, there are a few basic things that you should try to remember before and during the call. Below you will find five easy-to-remember conference call tips that will make your initial experiences with conference calling less nerve-racking.

  1. Always Be Prepared – Although this might sound like one of the most fundamentally straightforward points, it is astounding to see how many people seem to drop the ball when it comes to calling on time with the right people invited.

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