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1) Do I need to give the participant entry code to those who are dialing in for the conference?
Yes. For security reasons, we ask that you provide callers with the participant entry code.


2) I don't have a COD (Conference on Demand), how can I make a reservation?
For your convenience, you may call our reservation line at 877-216-9224 or email the specifications of your conference call to info@Affordable Messaging.


3) What if I call in late? Will I be locked out if I don't call in at the beginning?
You may call in to the call at any time. Affordable Messaging does not lock anyone out if they arrive late to the call, however, the chairperson does have the option to lock their calls for security reasons.


4) If I have an operated-assisted QA type call, how will my participants know how to ask a question?
When it is time to open the floor for questions, our experienced operators will explain the steps involving how to ask a question.


5) How many conferences can I set up? Can they happen at the same time?
There is no limit to the number of calls you can run simultaneously, however you can only hold one conference with the same entry code. If you need additional conferences at the same time, you may register with us for additional entry codes.


6) Can I get a Toll-Free Dial-In number so that my attendees don't have to pay for the long-distance?
Yes. We can assign a permanent toll-free 800 number (also 888, 877, 866) upon request.


7) I need to make only one or two calls this month and then will not need the service again. Can I still sign up?
Yes you can. There are no minimums. If you do not wish to use the service you may cancel, however, since you are not charged for non-usage, we recommend you keep the number for any future need that may arise.


8) Is there a Setup and/or a Cancellation Fee?
No. There is never a fee to sign up or cancel your subscription.


9) What Features are available for the Conference Call Chairperson?
*6 - Mute/Un-mute Participant option (individuals can mute their lines)
*7 - Mute/Un-mute Chairperson (chairperson mutes all lines)
*537 - Conference Lock (new participants can not join the call)
#1 - Roll Call (play participant name recordings)
#2 - Participant Count
#7 - Record Conference
#9 - Conference Continuation (after Chairperson leaves)
#3 - Dial-Out to Participants
#4 - Disconnect Dial-Out Line
#5 - Connect Dial-Out Participants to Call


10) Can I have a recording of my conference call?
Yes. Affordable Messaging can provide you with a CD or tape of any specified conference call you have.


11) How do I start a call?

You will have everyone call the toll free or local number you received on your confirmation. The participants will enter the code that you received in your confirmation saying "PARTICIPANT CEC." The person hosting the call MUST USE THE CHAIRPERSON CEC TO BEGIN THE CALL. IF THE CHAIRPERSON USES THE WRONG CODE THE CALL WILL NOT BE ABLE TO START AND EVERYONE WILL REMAIN ON HOLD.


12) Can I use my codes and dial in numbers multiple times?

YES. You can use your codes and numbers as many times as you like.


13) How do you charge for a call?

The calls are charged on a per minute basis. We add up the number of minutes that the call lasted and multiply is by the total number of participants and chairpersons on the call.

Example: A 10-minute call with 4 participants and 1 chairperson would be billed for 50 minutes of usage.


14) What if I lose my codes or dial in numbers?

Just call our customer service number or email us at and once we validate your account information we will give you the codes.