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Connect to anyone, anywhere at any time with our high quality conference call service. Let Affordable Messaging connect your business to others around the world.


Conference calls are a convenient way to connect like-minded business partners when not everyone can meet at the same place and time. The problem is that some service companies charge too much for this convenient form of communication. To make it ideal, a conference call should be both affordable and universally used around the globe, and in this regard, we can help.


Our company provides:

  • Most affordable conference calls: Call anywhere within the U.S. for less than three cents a call.
  • International conference calls: The most affordable options available to make and connect international calls.
  • No Extra Costs or Surprise Fees: What you buy is what you get, with no hidden fees and no strings attached.
  • Fewer Dropped Calls: Calls are not dependent on internet connections, so service is not intermittent and fewer calls dropped.
  • Package Deals for Conference Calls: Select from any of our four packaged services to lessen the cost of your calls. The more conference calls you place in a month, the cheaper it gets!
  • Amazing Sound Quality: All conference calls sound as clear as if everyone is physically in the same room.
  • Fantastic Customer Service, 24/7: Regardless of when you use your calling service, phone representatives are on-hand to answer any questions you have and resolve any issues you may experience.
  • Customizable Conference Calling: When you make non-stop conference calls all month long, you need a plan that can handle it. We offer a customizable package to fit your needs.
  • Onsite Service Calculator: Our onsite service calculator helps you configure your current monthly conference calls to price packages offered for maximum savings.
  • Conference Call Connections Day and Night: Regardless of when you make your calls, you can rest assured they can and will connect.
  • Web Video and Audio Calls: If you like our conference calling services you can always add our web video and audio calls too.
  • Call Recording: Record all of your conference calls for easy note-taking and dictation.
  • Call Playback: Forget who said what? No problem! Just hit call playback to play the last few seconds to a few minutes of conversation.
  • Bills That Are Clear and Easy to Understand: Never get another confusing bill from a phone or internet company again. Our bills are easy to read and even easier to understand.

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