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1) Will I need to download any software to use Email Messaging?
No software is needed to download. Our user-friendly Email system is designed to make your Email broadcasts as simple as possible.


2) What file types can I use?
Body of the Message - HTML and TXT Attachments - Any format is acceptable


3) How will I know my recipients received my Email?
We will send you a detailed summary including successful and unsuccessful deliveries upon completion of your broadcast. This will also include which clients opened the Email and exactly what attachments they opened.


4) How can I make a change to my Recipient List?
You may log onto our Web-Based List Management system or contact us via email or phone.


5) Do you charge by the page or by the minute?
We typically charge per email sent. Attachments and large files may incur additional fees.


6) Are there any Legal issues I should know about in Email Broadcasting?
There are several ways to use Email broadcasting illegally. Affordable Messaging prohibits any illegal actions involving Email broadcasting. For more information regarding any legality issues please contact the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 or the Federal Communications Commission at:


7) Is there a limit on how many Emails I can send out?
No. Our Email broadcast system is designed to transmit an unlimited number of Emails.


8) How long will my Email Broadcast take?
Depending on how big your recipient list is and how many attachments are included, transmission times will vary.


9) Can I personalize my Email Broadcast?
Yes. Mail Merge gives you the ability to target your audience by integrating variable data such as name, company, occupation, etc. into your document.


10) Is there a minimum on the number of Emails to have sent out?
There is no minimum and we encourage any number of Emails you wish to be sent out. Affordable Messaging believes that every Email Broadcast, no matter what size, is of great importance to you as well as us.