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At Affordable Messaging, we will set up a professional bulk fax campaign to help with your important alerts and notification broadcasts. A fax campaign is a great way to get business-related messages to clients, customers and colleagues, providing the information your associates want and need at a moment's notice. Let us handle your communications so you can focus your resources on production, management and customer service.

A fax management campaign broadcast from Affordable Messaging can relate a variety of business notifications, including:

  • Public announcements
  • Company news
  • Product information
  • Time-sensitive messages
  • Advertisements
  • Press releases
  • Customer relations
  • And many other types of alerts!

notification broadcast fax campaign

Bulk fax campaigns can also be used for travel updates and legal industry news. When you need to get the word out, you can trust us! Simply send Affordable Messaging a list of your contacts, provide the message and choose a time for delivery, and we will do everything else. Your recipients will be notified instantly, and you will receive a delivery report upon completion of the fax campaign.

For effective business notification broadcasts and bulk fax campaign alerts, Affordable Messaging can help you today! Contact our fax campaign management experts for more information about the fax campaign services we offer.

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