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1) How do I use Fax Messaging?
First Provide us with your recipient list, document, and any graphics/disclaimers.

Next We will work with you in setting up your fax to meet your exact specifications. A test fax will then be sent to you for your approval along with a final fax broadcast quote to be signed with your payment method. Upon last Upon signing the fax broadcast quote, we will disperse your fax on the time specified and automatically send out a detail fax report when complete.


2) What file formats are compatible with your fax messaging system?
Our fax messaging system is compatible with the following:
Recipient lists - TXT, Excel, Access, or CSV Document -ASCII, HTML, UTF-8 Graphics/Logos - Jpeg, Bitmap, etc...


3) What happens to my fax if there is a busy signal?
Our high-tech retry system will automatically retry to maximize your fax broadcast.


4) Do you charge for retries?
NO. Affordable Messaging does not charge for retries during your fax broadcast.


5) Do you charge by the page or by the minute?
We have pricing plans to accommodate both scenarios.


6) Are there any Legal issues I should know about in fax broadcasting?
There are several ways to use fax broadcasting illegally. Affordable Messaging prohibits any illegal actions involving fax broadcasting. For more information regarding any legality issues please contact the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 or the Federal Communications Commission at:


7) How will I know if my faxes were delivered?
Immediately following your fax broadcast session, a detailed fax report will be sent to you via e-mail including successful and unsuccessful fax transmissions.


8) Is there a limit on how many faxes I can send out?
No. Our fax messaging system is designed to transmit an unlimited number of faxes.


9) How long will my fax broadcast take?
Depending on how many pages are in your fax message, transmission times will vary. A 1-page fax message broadcast can be completely sent out in 40 - 60 seconds on average. If your fax message includes graphics/logos, it will be longer.


10) Will I need to download any software to use Fax Messaging?
No software is needed to download. Our user-friendly fax system is designed to make your fax broadcasts as simple as possible.


11) Is there a minimum on the number of faxes to be sent out?
There is no minimum and we encourage any number of faxes you wish to be sent out. Affordable Messaging believes that every fax broadcast, no matter what size, is of great importance to you as well as us.


12) How much advance notice should I give you for my fax broadcast?
24-hour notification would be greatly appreciated, however Affordable Messaging is aware that new information can occur at anytime and we will do our best to carry out any rush jobs you may need for the time specified.