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Our fax messaging system is the perfect solution for those searching for an effective and affordable messaging service. Simply send us a list of fax addresses along with your fax messaging form. This will include your message as well as the date and time you would like your message sent. After we deliver your fax for you, we will send you a report verifying completion of the service. It's that easy!

The fax messaging system from Affordable Messaging is secure and can be used in many ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Sending company newsletters
  • Sending product information to clients
  • Distributing press releases
  • Delivering mortgage rate updates
  • Alerting companies about travel industry deals
  • Alerting customers about product recalls or pricing changes
  • Promoting contests and events

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We have the fax messaging solutions you need! No more employee hours wasted standing at the fax machine for hours on end. Simply send your document to us once, and let us deliver it to 10 or 10,000 fax machines for you. This fax messaging flexibility allows you to send your fax anytime and without reservations, helping to increase response rates and improve customer relations.

Corporate communications could not be easier with Affordable Messaging. We are a trusted fax messaging solution for today's businesses, helping to reduce costs by eliminating line maintenance and long-distance fees. When your company has important news or time-sensitive notifications to distribute, we can help! Contact our fax messaging experts for further details today.

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