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Our state-of-the-art equipment enables thousands of fax messages to be delivered simultaneously to your desired parties in an effective and efficient manner.
Let Affordable Messaging put your blast fax message in the hands of your clients.



Do Not Fax
List Management
Detailed Fax Reports
Undeliverable Updates
Automatic Retry System
View Fax Status and History
Experienced Full-Service Team

Add Company Graphics and Disclaimers
Personalized Documents with Mail Merge

notification broadcast fax campaign

Do Not Fax: If a fax recipient of one of your broadcasts wishes to be removed from future broadcasts, send us their fax number and we will place that number on a "Do Not Send" list. This will block that person from receiving any future fax broadcasts.


List Management: Maintain your fax contact list by logging onto our web-based list management system made available 24/7 for your convenience.


Detailed Fax Reports: We will immediately send out detailed fax reports on all of your blast fax broadcasts.


Undeliverable updates: You will receive a list of undeliverable fax messages immediately after your fax broadcast session to help update your contact list for maximization.


Automatic Retry System: In case of a busy signal, our high-tech retry system will automatically re-dial to maximize your fax message broadcast.


View blast fax status and history: Stay on top of your fax broadcasting by checking the real-time status on our integrated web site. View your successful, unsuccessful, and in-progress deliveries along with times of arrival.


Experienced full-service support team: Our responsive support team will guide you through all of your fax broadcast activities. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and reach us at 877-216-9224.


Add company graphics and disclaimers: Create your fax broadcast message exactly how you want it. Simply send over any graphics and/or disclaimers to our helpful staff and we will work with you to create your message.


Personalized documents with mail merge: : Mail merge allows for the creation of custom fax messages with variable data such as name, company, address, fax number and even sentences.

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